Our Team

David Bland

Managing Director
David always dreamed of running his own business and kind of 'fell into' the industry at a young age. He soon developed a passion for flowers, but wanted to be able to offer the client with a more complete overall service.

​David oversees the business development at Bon bloemen as well as buying​ directly from dutch auctions on a daily basis.

​He’s a mad Man Utd fan!

Danielle Horn-bland

Managing Director
Danielle is the brains behind Bon bloemen. She is highly motivated and organised.

​You may find it hard to believe but at the age of 27 she has been her own boss for the last 7 years. Firstly, when she was 20 she opened her own retail flower shop and then made a 'natural' progression into the wholesale side of the industry.

Danielle manages all of the companies accounts and looks after the day to day payments in and out, as well as being a full time mum.

John Larkin

John has experience beyond his years! He is the mother of the organisation. Always making sure everyone is ok and satisfied.

​John is also a fantastic salesman with vast product knowledge. His boundless energy and sheer passion for what he does makes him a great person to be around.

He adores his cross country running and speaking from experience, never take up the 'Larkin' bootcamp if he gives you the chance!

Paul Lishman

Paul is the Company Supervisor. He controls the day to day warehouse organisation and delegates work as and when. Any queries, he's your man!

​He joined Bon bloemen in January 2012 and quickly became an integral part of the set-up. Paul is highly adaptable and he takes pride in everything he does. His 20 years experience in the industry really enhances Bon bloemen's overall service.

Loves his darts, his guinness and his ladies!

Paul Johnson

Paul is the newest member of the team and has adapted well to Bon Bloemen life.

His all round skill set has benefitted his co-workers and his mild manner has provena real hit with our customers.

Gets a hard deal for being the only SAFC supporter...... But at least he is a realistic one.

Joshua Gray

Josh joined Bon bloemen in late 2012 and has been a real hit with customers and staff alike.

His everyday warehousing skills have become a key factor in the company's daily organisation. From packing flowers to price-labelling, he is a vital cog in BB's wheel. His ability to adapt to various roles has been very encouraging as has his overall development in a very short space of time.

The ladies love this good looking kid and by all accounts is a real-life Mr Gray!!! Be careful ladies, he's a real charmer!

John Lishman

'XL' as he is knowm!

John joined Bon Bloemen in 2013 and quickly became a hit with the rest of the team, as well as the customers.

There isn't a short cut that this guy doesn't know and he always reaches his destination on time.

A gentle giant and proper nice bloke!